ProblemsPossible ReasonsSolution
The machine does not work●The power plug is not inserted tightly.● Check whether the power plug is inserted tightly.
● There is no electricity at the power socket.● Check the socket.
● The power switch is not pressed.● Press the power switch.
The suction force becomes smaller● The suction port is blocked.● Clean the suction port.
● There are too many foreign objects in the filter sponge.● Clean the dust barrel and filter sponge.
● There are many foreign objects in the cyclone.● Clean up foreign objects in the cyclone.
The UV lamp does not work● The two rollers under the machine do not touch the surface of the object at the same time.● Place the machine flat on the object and ensure that both rollers are compressed.
● The two rollers under the machine are stuck and can’t move freely.● Clean the rollers to ensure that the two rollers can move up and down freely or contact after-sales service.
● The UV lamp is damaged.● Contact after-sales service to replace the UV lamp.
The machine suddenly stops working● The dust barrel is full.● In order to avoid overheating of the motor, a safety mechanism has been added to prevent overheating. If this happens, please stop using, clean up the blockage, and pause for two hours before using again.
●The suction port of the machine is blocked.
● The cyclone is blocked by foreign matter.
The roller brush suddenly stops working● The roller brush is wrapped by foreign objects.● Take out the roller brush as required and clean it before using.
● The belt falls off or breaks.● Contact after-sales service to replace the belt.

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