1. How we use cookie technology to automatically collect information. In order to provide you with an easier access experience, when you visit Smarock's website or use the services provided by Smarock, we may identify you through small data files, which can save you the step of repeatedly entering registration information, or Help determine the security of your account. These data files may be cookies, Flash cookies, or other local storage provided by your browser or associated application (collectively, "Cookies"). The system may automatically collect your following information through cookies:

Device or software information, such as configuration information provided by your mobile device, web browser or other program used to access our services, your IP address and the version and device identifier used by your mobile device;

· Information searched or browsed when using our services, such as web search terms you use, URL addresses of pages you visit, and other information and content details you browse or request when using our services.

2. How we automatically collect information using Beacon or other technologies. In order to further understand your product and service preferences and improve our services to you, we may also embed some electronic images (called "single-pixel GIF files" or "Web Beacons") on our website to collect your browsing activities. information, such as the address of the page you visit, the location of the cited page you previously visited, your browsing environment and display settings.

3. Cookies or Beacons of third parties that may exist on our products and services. There may be cookies and beacons placed by advertisers or other partners on our products and services. These cookies and Beacon may collect non-personally identifiable information about you to analyze how users use these services, to send you advertisements that may be of interest to you, or to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising services. The collection and use of such information by these third-party cookies and beacons are not governed by this policy, but by the privacy policies of the relevant users, and we are not responsible for third-party cookies or beacons.

We list the third-party cookies or beacons currently used on this website as follows, please refer to the third-party privacy policy for more information:

Baidu: https://www.baidu.com/duty/yinsiquan.html

Duomai: http://www.duomai.com/index.php?m=article&a=view&cate_id=16&id=132

Google Analytics: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en

Umeng: http://www.umeng.com/policy.html

4. How do you refuse our use of cookies, Beacon and other technologies to collect your information. You can refuse or manage Cookies or Beacons through your browser settings. However, please note that if you disable cookies or Beacon, you may not be able to enjoy the best service experience, and some services may not work properly.

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