We, Smarock (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "Smarock") respect and protect your privacy. When you browse our website or use our products and services, we will adopt the "Smarock Privacy Policy" (hereinafter referred to as "this Policy") ) to explain to you how Smarock will collect, use and store your personal information and what your rights are. We will strictly abide by this policy. Through this policy, Smarock makes the following important commitments to you. If you want to know more detailed information, please read the corresponding chapters according to the above index:

1. We will explain the types of your personal information we collect and their corresponding purposes one by one, so that you can understand the types, reasons for use and collection methods of the specific personal information we collect for a specific product, service or function.

2. When you use some functions, we will collect some of your sensitive information after obtaining your explicit authorization, unless it is required to be collected in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. It does not affect the core functions of your normal use of Smarock products and services.

3. Smarock will not actively share or transfer your personal information to third parties. If a third party is required to share or transfer your personal information, we will explain the reason and obtain your express consent.

4. You can access, correct, and delete your personal information through the channels or channels listed in this policy, and you can also withdraw your consent, cancel your account, make complaints and report, and set up privacy functions to control your personal information.

You understand that this policy is closely related to your use of this website, Smarock products and services. We recommend that you read and understand the entire content of this policy carefully, and make the choices you deem appropriate. We strive to use easy-to-understand, concise, and concise words to express , and the clauses in this policy that have or may have a material relationship with your rights and interests are marked in bold to remind you to pay attention.

If you have any questions about this policy, or any related complaints or comments, please contact us by visiting the Contact Us page. We are happy to deal directly with your questions and meet your needs.

You understand and agree that as long as you use this website, or click the "I agree" button in the account registration process and complete the registration of a Smarock account, or actually use our services and products, you agree to our compliance with this "Privacy Policy" Collect, use, store and share information about you. We are committed to protecting your personal privacy and data security in compliance with applicable laws, including your local data protection regulations. At the same time, we promise that all our employees will also fulfill these obligations. We collect, store, use, and share your information for the purpose of providing you with better services and improving the quality of our products (such as supporting us in developing new products or improving the functions of existing products, providing and recommending better quality or suitable service, etc.). You do not need to take the initiative to provide us with any personal information, but if you voluntarily provide us with the information listed in this policy according to our request, you can enjoy better and more convenient services, and respond to requests in a more timely manner, so as to avoid our failure to timely Contact you in a way that affects you adversely.

1. How we collect and use your personal information

(1) The method, type and purpose of the information we collect

1. Information you provide when you register for a Smarock account. When you register for a Smarock account and use Smarock products and services through your Smarock account, we will collect and store your personal information, including your email address, user name and password, user accounts of third-party software, nicknames and avatar information , shipping address, billing information, phone number, etc. We collect and use this information for the purpose of providing you with products and services, processing orders and shipments, providing customer service and communicating directly with you, such as sending you emails introducing new products, Account verification, order confirmation, major changes and updates to service functions, technical and security notices, etc. You can refuse to receive such emails or pushes through the relevant settings in the email.

In addition, in order to provide you with services and improve service quality, we may also collect other information from you, such as the relevant information you provide when our customer service team contacts you, the questionnaire responses you send to us when you participate in the questionnaire survey information, etc. If you refuse to provide such information, it will not affect the basic functions of using the Smarock service, but it may affect the quality of the service we provide you.

Information we collect from registered robotic devices. If you use the application to register online and bind to the robot, we will collect your location information, terminal device information (including device ID, serial number or product code, IP address, etc.). In special cases, such as when the robot fails to report an error, we will collect the contour map that the robot can clean to help you deal with problems such as failure and error reporting.

2. Information We Collect from Websites and Mobile Device Clients. In order to ensure the quality of the services we provide you and the security of your information, when you visit the Smarock website or Smarock's mobile device client, and use the services provided by Smarock, we may record the category, method, and use of the services you use. operation information and other log information related to the service, such as your IP address, the version and device identification code used by your mobile device, the device identifier and your location, etc.

You understand and agree that in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, court orders or other legal procedures, administrative or judicial mandatory requirements, we may provide your personal information to the corresponding competent authorities without your authorization and consent.

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